GST-only service: $49 +GST per month

This is a handy online service for anyone looking to save some accounting costs, or even someone who has been filing their own GST returns, but would rather not spend any more time doing so, especially with an affordable alternative available.

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We simply code your transactions each month. Doing this helps us to put together the figures required for your GST returns. We then file them for you. We will report the results directly on to your online dashboard.

What do I get?

  • Monthly online dashboard updates.
  • Financial reports supplied directly to your online account.
  • GST return filing.
  • Unlimited phone and email support.

Time frames: We aim to have your monthly coding completed within 5 days of payment being received and your GST return completed within 5 days of payment being received on the month that it is due.

Payment: You just pay a set monthly fee, much like a cell phone plan. We will send out an invoice on the 20th of each month. The sooner payment is received, the sooner your updates are completed (and the less we pester you). We always encourage automatic payments to be set up. Our fees are tax-deductible.

Setup: We just need you to complete our online setup. This should take between 5–10 minutes, depending on the information you have to hand. You upload a copy of your signature and we take over from there. We may have a few questions as we start coding your accounts from scratch.

Opting out: You can opt out of this service immediately. However because it is technically a monthly service, if you opt out in between GST returns we will not refund the fees for any monthly coding that has already been paid for and completed. Since you pay in advance of work being undertaken, there are no cancellation fees.

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