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FreshTax keeps you up-to-date with your tax obligations using a range of different information-gathering techniques. We provide a live tax dashboard updated monthly, that shows where you stand with regards to upcoming tax bills and an estimated bill for the current tax year.

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If you use Xero software or have a dedicated business bank account, FreshTax can keep you informed — something that’s been missing from a lot of small businesses and too-often results in hardship.
What You Need to Get Started

You need a business bank account or accounts. Credit card accounts are also okay. Note that the less personal expenditure that goes through these accounts, the better. It means we ask you fewer questions and you do less work.

You need your IRD (GST) number.

You need to be able to upload your signature.

What We Need

Our online registration process will take you through everything we need to know (it takes less than 10 minutes), but the main thing we need is your signature to give us authority to access your information from the IRD as well as accessing information from your business bank accounts.

This is standard practice for any modern cloud-based accountancy (instead you of having to provide your hard-copy bank accounts).

Don’t worry: accessing your bank information doesn’t allow us to make any transactions.

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