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If you earned any income that had schedular payments (withholding tax) deducted, then you need to file an IR3 tax return (Individual Tax Return).

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As a bricky, I contract to my employer and receive wages with withholding tax deducted. I need to file an IR3 and should receive a refund. The FreshTax process made it easy.
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What you will need:

  1. A scanned copy of your driver license, or (if you don’t have a licence) a scanned copy of the picture page of your passport. It is an IRD requirement that we correctly identify you.
  2. Your IRD number.
  3. Record of any expenses you wish to claim.

What you need to know:

What are schedular payments?
Schedular payments are made to people who are not employees, but who are employed under a contract for service (self-employed/independent contractors).
The tax code for people receiving schedular payments is “WT”, and the payments that you receive are taxed at a flat rate, unless there is a tax exemption or a special tax code in place.

Apart from the tax, what is the difference between schedular payments and PAYE?
Student loan repayments are not deducted from schedular payments. This often creates a student loan obligation after the tax return has been filed.
ACC levies are not deducted from the pay. This often results in an obligation to ACC after the tax return has been filed.
You can claim expenses. There is a list of different expenses that you can claim against schedular payments, much the same as a self-employed person. This helps to produce a great tax refund for a lot of people.

How much do you charge for this service?
We have a set fee of $229 per return for this service.

How long does this IR3 return take to process?
We see most of these returns processed in well under two weeks, however the IRD advises that it has a maximum filing time frame of ten weeks, so we must also advise that time frame. There is always a chance of delays.

What expenses can I claim?
There is a list of expenses that you are able to claim against your schedular payments. These expenses need to be directly related to the work undertaken in order to receive the schedular payments.

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