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If you arrived in, or moved back to, New Zealand and so were resident here for part of a tax year, it is compulsory to file an IR3 tax return (Individual Tax Return).

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I moved to New Zealand in November, so I only worked part of the tax year, but was taxed at the full-year rate. I should be due a refund.

If you only worked part of the tax year, the chances are you will be due a refund. For example, the average refund we process is $1,580 for someone who has worked a 7-month year.

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What you will need:

  1. A scanned copy of your driver license, or (if you don’t have a licence) a scanned copy of the picture page of your passport. It is an IRD requirement that we correctly identify you.
  2. Your IRD number.
  3. The dates that you entered/departed NZ.
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