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Personal Tax Types

Rental properties: $229 up to 3 properties

I have a couple of rental properties in addition to my salary, which means I have to file an IR3.
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Self-employment: $289 not GST-registered

I earn wages but earned some income from a painting job in the weekend. Although it wasn’t much, I still have to file an IR3.
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Leaving NZ: $175 early tax refund

I’m heading home after my OE in NZ. I worked a partial tax year but have been taxed for the full year. I should be due a tax refund.
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Partial tax year: $89

I moved to New Zealand in November, so I only worked part of the tax year, but was taxed for the full year. I should be due a refund.
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Schedular payments: $229

I contract to my employer, and receive wages with withholding tax deducted. I need to file an IR3 and should receive a refund.
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Overseas income: $175

I spent my uni holidays working as a lifeguard on Bondi Beach. This means I have overseas income and need to file an IR3.
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Salary or wage earner: $35 only if due a refund

I work full-time in an office and don’t have any other income to declare. I’d like to check if I am due a tax refund.
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