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FreshTax is a new and innovative online accountancy service that’s efficient, secure and easy to use. It helps you complete your taxes in your own time and in your own space, with your information kept secure.

Stack the huge savings on top of this and you know that you’re onto a good thing.


Dean Affleck, Director

Dean is a pioneer of online accountancy in New Zealand. In 2007 he conceived New Zealand’s first automated online tax refund system, and was one of the driving forces behind TaxRefunds.co.nz.

TaxRefunds.co.nz was New Zealand’s first online tax refund company and since launching has returned over $200 million in overpaid taxes to PAYE taxpayers. While the success of TaxRefunds.co.nz undoubtedly changed the taxation system in New Zealand forever, it was only part of Dean’s vision for online acountancy services.

As a partner in Affleck Dodd O’Meara Accountants (based in Central Otago), Dean’s practice has over 2,000 small business clients. Dean could see that the traditional model of accountancy was not efficient for many of them, or his practice.

FreshTax Small Business is the result of Dean’s vision for a cost-effective accountancy solution that focuses on providing small businesses with the up-to-date information they need to make good decisions. Dean believes that knowing what you owe at all times is one of the key pieces of information any small business needs to survive, and this critical information is not always provided by traditional accountancies.



Team Members

Our tight-knit team of seven is based in Christchurch and Alexandra, and consists of experts from both the taxation and IT sectors.

We have our own in-house IT development team who deliver the proprietary platform that FreshTax is based upon. Our development team works closely with our accountancy team to continuously improve the system functionality and automation, plus the client interface.

Your account is password-protected, and our service is discreet and secure.

Our experienced and friendly staff only a phone call away.

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